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Hello my gorgeous friends & welcome to my Patreon!

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I'm Natalie and I love making videos for you guys—it’s what I live for! Let’s laugh, explore, eat, drink, juggle and sing together, while I wear some badass outfits! You’ll find a bit of everything on my YouTube channel, from try-ons to vlogs. 😄

I love creating videos for you guys so much, I took the leap of faith and quit my job. Patreon is my income, without it, I simply wouldn’t be able to keep making videos, your help keeps the dream alive—I encourage everybody to do the same and chase their own dreams! 😄

Your support will be put towards the boring stuff (rent, insurance, electric bill, etc.) first, and with these necessary evils covered, I’ll tackle my bucket list (below), making sure to capture the whole experience on camera.

😊Take Singing Lessons
😊Travel to Costa Rica & visit the sloth sanctuary
😊Travel to the Bahamas & visit Pig Island
😊Travel to Tokyo & experience culture shock 
😊Travel to Germany during Oktoberfest
What's on your bucket list? Maybe I'll add it to mine. 😊

Thank you for your support! 💖Natalie

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If I reach this goal, I'll be half-way towards making a decent living on Patreon. Your support means a lot to me!

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