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hi guys,

 I wanted to set the minimum bar of price to $1 but the minimum tier seems to have increased and it can't be helped.

so back to tier. in this tier I will sent you a personal letter with heartfelt things that I have learned over the years and things that I  have struggled with and continue to struggle with. it is basically a journey into my life. I have poor family background. so poor that I once use to eat the snacks that have fell on ground as I could not afford it. lastly thank you guys you guys are amazing. 

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So basically, you can submit your reviews here and have your voices heard. I will give full credit and I will review whether or not it is suitable for posting. you need to send the article before you pay. so please "POST BEFORE YOU PAY" even if you pay first and send the article later. I will refund you. but I am recently figuring how the banking works. so your refund. might take time lol. so just be careful. cheers



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Hi Name is Ngawang. I have been wanting to do anime review, polls on movies and all kinds of media but the problem have always been the platform. I thought to create website on the emerging new website service providers but they have never been a good experience so I am hoping through this platform I would be able to build a community. I thought to make the minimum pledge just 1 dollar but the new system had pledge 5 dollar. so I am really sorry.

edit: we will also be posting the upcoming anime details with our reviews on the trailers. thanks
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I would like to have reached a 1000 patron. so that our community would truly be a thriving hub where you can discuss things and contribute to this beautiful platform.  as always thanks.
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