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I am an inventor, writer of non-fiction books, screenplay writer and entrepreneur who has traveled to many countries off the well-beaten track including Iran, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Algeria, Libya, Kuwait, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Laos. I have for many years been fascinated with the overthrow of dictators. I often wondered what the sudden loss of power meant for them and their families. How did their last days in power play out?  I plan to create a series of short 'coffee table' type books which imagine the turmoil in those last days at the palace. These planned books are dramatizations of the events surrounding the last days of 25 deposed dictators in modern history.

My aim is to write 25 of these short books. So far I have written and published just one book titled President Zine El Abedine Ben Ali – Last days in Power. I researched many newspaper accounts of the Tunisian President's demise and escape to exile in and then wrote a dramatized story of what might have happened in those short few days when they fell from grace and tried to save themselves.  That book is published as an E-Book at

I am seeking patrons who might sponsor me to write a second book about the fall of President  Muammar Gadaffi of Libya. I am seeking a total of $1,000 in donations to write this book. Everyone who donates a $1.00 will receive a free E-Publication of this second book when it is completed.

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