Thermal Mermaid (Jennifer)

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About Thermal Mermaid (Jennifer)

Hi I'm Jennifer, the voice you hear behind Thermal Mermaid on youtube. I make hand made artisan soap, and it's quite an obsession. Although I've been making soap for years, the internet has inspired a lot more creativity than the dull traditional practical soap I learned how to make a long time ago. I started Thermal Mermaid in 2014 when my youngest daughter needed special care and was home bound from school for medical reasons. Back then the weekend markets were a way to get out and enjoy a Sunday crowd. Soon, my nieces joined in, and the "littles" took over. Now, everyone is college-aged and off exploring the world. This leaves me with more time and freedom for making soap (my favorite hobby) and tutorial videos for you guys - to take the place of the girls until they come home to visit. If you would love to get cracking on my full recipes and additional content not seen on youtube, then I would love to have you join me here.

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