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About Christopher Michael

Hi, I'm Christopher and I'd like to tell you about a writing project I've been working on as I've traveled the world these past ten years. I'm speaking to you now from a bamboo hut in a mountain village in Thailand.

The subject is one we can all relate to, the BODY. Specifically learning to make peace with the body and accept it exactly the way it is NOW, and in doing so bring it to better health and appearance. Can you imagine feeling completely satisfied with your body with no need for any improvement in health or appearance? Can you imagine the peace and joy you would feel in such a state? I'm here to say this is not only possible, but your natural, default state of being.

As a lifelong spiritual philosopher, my learning curriculum always seems to come back to this subject.

In my own life experience insecurities about the body have been a significant source of suffering, in both mind and health. Now, however, through the concepts and techniques I present in the book, I've finally come to peace with my body and in doing so reached a state of true joy and balanced health.

My life long back pain has disappeared, my body proportions have changed, and I've not been ill or fatigued since completing the training presented in the book. I no longer have those moments where I recoil in disgust after catching my reflection unexpectedly, or seeing myself in a photo. I only see a body perfectly reflecting my state of mind. Even signs of aging have diminished.

The book will thoroughly explore the spiritual nature of body image and how the image you hold of the body makes the body. This includes both your appearance and health. This concept is backed by scientific evidence, philosophical logic, and thousands of years of spiritual knowledge.

Most people don't associate spirituality with the body, which makes sense given spirit is widely understood to be non-physical. Many spiritual teachers tend to avoid or circumvent the subject. However, in order reach true happiness, we must bridge the gap between the physical and the non-physical. The two experiences need not be held separate any longer.

Something interesting happens when this realization fully sinks into our consciousness. As we begin to accept our body as it is, the body becomes healthier and more attractive to others. The truth is we are more attracted to another person's state of mind than their body. This may seem contrary to your own experience, but as we dig deeper I'm confident you'll find the truth of this idea.

You see, when your self-worth is no longer determined by the judgment of others, you become free to share your true loving nature without defense mechanisms. Everyone is attracted to Love, in whatever form it appears.

The book starts with some basic questions. What is the body? Am I the body? When the body dies do I die? Must aging involve suffering and sickness?

Most people think of the body as solid matter. Even our thinking mind, which is clearly not physical, is believed to be the product of the brain and therefore of the body. But if you really look at this assumption you'll see it makes no sense whatsoever. If you are a body then where's the body you had when you were born? Where is the body you had ten years ago? You clearly do not exist as a single version of a body. Medical science has shown that every cell in the body is replaced many times in one's lifetime. On a deeper level every atom is replaced on an even shorter timeframe. And deeper still, on the quantum level, science has found no fixed particles at all. Therefore simple logic tells us the body cannot be a thing of solid matter.

What are we then, if not a body of solid matter? A logical conclusion is that we are the animating force beneath the matter. This force gathers the atoms into molecules to create and animate trillions of cells into complex systems, all working in harmony to make a functioning body. It is the same force that sparked the very first life form and continues to expand and evolve life today. Life is a symphony and the Life Force the conductor.

So how does this relate to how you feel about your body? First off, learning not to see the body as solid matter, but as an expression of the Life Force, provides an entirely new frame of reference about yourself. When you fully come to understand and accept what you truly are, it's impossible to hold attack thoughts against the body. Your true essence is the Life Force itself; the same Force that created the unimaginably complex and incredibly beautiful web of life on Earth. How can you be unworthy?

To observe the body as ugly, unhealthy, or inadequate is only possible from the limited perspective of the lower, animal mind. When seen from the higher perspective of the Life Force, it becomes a thing of total Love and beauty.

Yet a conceptual understanding of our true nature is just the first step. The book goes on to provide a practical, easy to follow mind training program to help assimilate these concepts into deeper levels of knowing. This program is really a reprogramming. It first de-programs the deep-seated, erroneous perceptions you currently hold, and then re-programs your mind to only see yourself in loving light.

This training program will also be accompanied by a series guided meditations in audio format. This will serve to accelerate the transformation process.

In addition to the mind training program, the book will include an action plan to guide you in how to eat and how to move the body. These topics are generally regarded with significant resistance.

This is not a diet and exercise program. It is actually a complete reversal of conventional thinking on the subject. After all, has conventional thinking solved the epidemic of poor health, including body weight issues?

This action program does not seek to limit or judge what you eat, how much you eat, or how much you choose to exercise. Remember, the goal is to first change your mind about the body.

The premise is that it's not what you consume that matters but your state of mind while consuming it. If you consume with guilt, fear, or worry, the result will be negative. If you consume with Love and take the time to savor every moment of the experience, the result will be positive. The same holds true for exercise. If you perceive exercise as suffering then the results will be diminished and short lived. However if you see body movement as a loving and joyful expression, the body will respond accordingly. And again, the goal is not to change the body through action, but to accept the body as it is now. Holding negative thoughts about eating and exercise will only hinder this goal.

The concept of no pain, no gain must be completely dispelled. The action program includes no painful exercise and no food deprivation. Life is meant to be joyful, not painful. A joyful life produces a healthy, joyful body. The action plan will also include guided movement videos for everyone, no matter their current level of fitness. These videos will also be recorded with a 360 camera for viewing in virtual reality.

If you'd like to support this project and help me complete and publish the book, I will joyfully accept your donation and provide you the completed book and the guided meditation and movement videos with gratitude.

With endless Love,

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