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About Media_Source_Bot

Hi! My name is Brian -- and I created a bot that I've been running on the subreddit r/DunderMifflin for a while now. That bot is u/Media_Source_Bot. In essence the bot analyzes images posted to the subreddit and tries to figure out which episode and timestamp the image came from.

That bot has been mostly successful, and I would say has garnered relatively positive feedback. In fact a number of people have asked me to expand the bot to other subreddits. As much as I'd love to, running the bot isn't free. It's not crazy expensive, but it's not really feasible to run on half of Reddit anytime soon (I currently run the bot on a home machine).

When I originally launched the bot, I had a couple of different ideas regarding generating money for server costs. Initially I tried to add Amazon affiliate links to the comments my bot posts (eg, instead of just posting the Netflix episode, the bot would also have a link to the episode on amazon). However, that immediately caused the Reddit spam filter to put all of the bot's comments in the mod queue -- (rightfully) prompting a ban from r/DunderMifflin. After understanding this and communicating with the moderators, I removed the Amazon links and was un-banned.

My other idea was to simply ask for donations. However literally no one sent me any bitcoin (probably not the best choice of donation type). So this Patreon is in essence myself trying a different approach.

So if you like the bot, and want to support it and see it expand and run on other subreddits (or other sites). Pledge, and vote in polls to decide what to run the bot on next!
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