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If we ever meet this is good for one big 'thank you' hug!

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You get to see pages from my personal sketchbook- ideas, thoughts, feelings, scribbles, and all sorts!

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See my personal sketchook pages and, I'll be making new zines and posting them to Patrons!




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About Bitter Tooth

My name is March, I'm 23, and I live in Lincoln, England.

I have just graduated with a First in Cartoon and Comic Arts from Staffordshire University.
I am one of those artists that likes to make anything and everything, so I have something for everyone to enjoy!

Art & Illustration
First things first- I am primarily a digital artist who makes comics and illustrations, mostly about my life.
I have self published a comic about my first relationship, called 'Bigger' which was part of my university project. You can read it on Tapas or Webtoon, or you can buy a copy on Etsy!

I am an enthusiastic zine maker! Zines are small self published printed booklets that absolutely anyone can make about anything they like. I mostly write perzines, with topics such as body hair, music, heartbreak, and a found photography zine.
You can read part of my heartbreak zine 'Thinkin' 'Bout Boys' on Tapas and Webtoon,or browse all my zines on Etsy
You can receive a brand new zine from me every month on my Zine tier!

I love YouTube, and have recently started regularly started making videos about art, from studio vlogs to 'how-to's!

In July of 2019 I started a podcast called 'Spoon With Me' which is a podcast about liking things! Every first and third week of my month I post an episode, chatting about things that I am enjoying at the moment, such as books, films, tv, music, and all sorts!
Listen on YouTube or Soundcloud, and follow the podcast on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook.

Online Stores
I currently have four places where you can buy my work!
Etsy and Storenvy
On both of these, I have zines, cards, hand made pins, art prints, and all sorts of handmade goods
Big Cartel
Here I have tattoo tickets and paintings, so if you want some of my art on your body you can pay me for it, and original artwork in your home
And on here I have t-shirts and tote bags that I have either screen printed myself or designed

Links to everything:
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This pays for art supplies I use for handmade items or small projects!
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