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Or a 1-time Contribution .... Buy Sha and I breakfast in the Province. Eggs, Corn beef from the Sari Sari and we will make our own Laswa from our Garden.

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At this Tier Level our great Patrons will have access to the locked video Entitled “How Do You Handle Your Money When in the Philippines and Some Other Topics”. I also talk about some other items in this video that may be helpful to those traveling to the Philippines for the first time or a veteran traveler going to the region.

This video has never aired on our YouTube Channel and is brand new and available to our Patrons only. Sha and I would like to thank you so much for helping support our efforts in trying to bring you the best possible content that we can with regard to visiting or living in the Philippines. 

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Or 1-time Contribution .... Buy Sha and I a Starbucks Coffee. If you are at the Carabao Tier Level, we will give you a shout-out from the Starbucks at SM Mall the next time we visit Gensan. 

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The Philippine Experience extends an invitation ...
Our names are Sha and Gary and welcome to The Philippine Experience Patreon Page. We love to produce and upload videos of our adventures in the Philippines; the good, the bad and the not so good … lol. We hope you enjoy the videos we upload and find them to be entertaining, funny and at times educational. We try to bring you our experiences and ours alone as everybody’s experience will be different.
If you haven’t already done so, please consider Subscribing to our YouTube Channel. If we have fulfilled your expectation with the content we offer, we would like to ask that you go to the next level and become a Patron of The Philippine Experience. It would be awesome and much appreciated to have you join our Tribe and follow along on all our great adventures.
Over the years we have had some great support from all of you with regard to viewing our videos and leaving such great comments. You have been our pillar of strength in those times when we wanted to quit. And for that we want to thank you so much.
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Welcome to the Patreon Page of The Philippine Experience. This $100 is the first goal we are shooting for in our first month of our operational page. We hope you will join us on this journey to continue to grow our YouTube Channel and Patreon Page. Reaching these goals will also give us the opportunity to bring you the best possible video productions that we can. Please join us and become a Patron of The Philippine Experience.

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