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You allow the show to survive and thrive and for that you have my thanks.  Perhaps this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.  Our bromance will be of such legendary quality that they will write songs and poems about us. It might even change the world.  

Hero of Historic Proportions
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You got a friend in me.  When the book is written and the movie made you will play a leading role.  Thanks for being my Sundance, Solo, and Spock.  It's honest work but few would have answered the call like you.  Cheers. 

Paragon of Light & Virtue
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So you like me as much as Netflix?  I am honored and grateful.  This channel was reserved for best friends and parents that secretly didn't want to see me fail. If you're not in that category then I am amazed and in your debt.  Would even take a bullet for you... well in the arm or something.  




Finally striking out on my own.  After studying history in college, becoming a bartender, and then tour guide in Washington, DC I want to create something entertaining and inspiring.  And also something that I can do in pajama pants with a whiskey at home (honesty is important).  Telling the stories of the heroes of history and the friendships between them is a big task and I want a community to help me build it.  That's where you come in.  

"All I can do is to urge you to put friendship ahead of all other human concerns, for there is nothing so suited to man's nature, nothing that can mean so much to him, whether in good times or in bad." -Cicero "On Friendship" 
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Here is where I go full time podcaster and writer and my life changes forever.  I'll spend most days researching and recording and hopefully numbing the pain of the human condition for fans and friends. This will allow me to reach 6 Bromances a year and start to publish books.  
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