is creating Poses and animations for sims 4

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Hi I'm Pandora !
My real name is Jenny, I'm from Greece 
and I create poses and animations  for The Sims 4!
This Page is made for those who really want to support me and for those who know and like my work. 
I use Patreon for a few reasons:
1) to earn some money to  buy all the equipment that is needed to make
    animations faster and better and of course for the new game packs!
2) i make NSFW poses and animations, here i can show my work (just to get something straight am not interest on making nsfw animation only, i like to experiment in many things)!
3) i think Patreon is a good way to show the creator that you are appriciating the time and effort he or she spends making cc for this game and for you! cause believe me creators only use the game for testing!

1) choosing  the 1$ tier you will have access to all the couple and single poses! 
2) choosing  the 2$ tier you will have access to all the fitness and dance poses and to all the above!
3) choosing the 5$ tier will have access to all the lovemaking (NSFW), group poses, animations and all the above! 
4) choosing the 45$ tier you are basicaly buying a tag post that means you can request 20 poses of your choice that will be shown as the following months tag post, this is a new tier for those who want specific poses in their game! you will also have access to the first 3 tiers!!!
(Please message me before you choose to pledge to this tier!)

Charge up front botton is activated, so its better for you to pledge at the start of the month!!
Thank you so much for every support ,it's much appreciated!!!

Please respect my TOU it's very important to me:
  • DONT  R E - E D I T
  • DONT  R E - U P L O A D
  • DONT  C L A I M   A S  Y O U R  O W N

You can also check my site here: https://pandoras- sims
Tumblr :
Printerest : pandorassims4cc

14% complete
when i reach this goal i will make a plus tag post of patrons choice every month and it will be avaliable for all of my Patrons!!!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 139 exclusive posts

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