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In 'The Boy Crisis,' authors Warren Farrell PhD, and John Gray PhD warn that now that traditional roles for men are shrinking, boys across the world are growing up in a “purpose void.”

They're also given worthless and ambiguous marching orders: 

"Just be a Man! Be a Hero!"

How are they supposed to know what that means in a world which presents them with confusing, and often toxic images of masculinity, false heroes, and false promises

Boys need our help.

Most of the world's greatest atrocities have been committed by men who suffered major trauma during childhood. Mass shootings in America are mostly perpetrated by young men who also carry deep wounds in their psyches.

It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men, said American statesman Frederick Douglass.

That's why I am writing 'The Hero in You,' meant to initiate boys into an evolved expression of manhood and train them on the strengths of character needed to live spirited lives of noble purpose.

 Join the Force and support this important work!

Just imagine changing the world, one little hero at a time.

(Warrior Boy art by Johnathan Reiner)

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We currently estimate to be 6-10 months away from launch. Once published, our mission will be
accomplished and your patronage no longer needed.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 23 exclusive posts

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