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About Wendy's One Heart World

Wendy Sinclair Silver graciously discovered the power of touching a soul from the inside out creating breakthroughs in spirit transformation for decades. Passionate to share her unique gifts, she knew that coaching and healing were her main her callings in life. Nothing gave her as much joy as helping someone achieve life-changing breakthroughs.With a background in heart-centered business skills, personal growth and energy healing, her depth of expertise has developed over 25 years of passionate committed service.Wendy is an inspired healer, visionary of possibilities, well established entrepreneur who is passionate about bringing LOVE to every moment and creating breakthroughs in astounding ways. She questions your answers allowing you to go into your true answers and find what you are looking for. This allows your wisdom to shine through like a rock star to create what will bring you the true joy you are seeking.Clients often live in their heads and are missing a mind-body connection or the more soulful side of life which is intimately connected to performance and leadership.

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