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About Sommoners Tale - The Series

Welcome to Sommoners Tale

Our series is about a bullied young man who turns to the world of magic and spellcasting to help him cope- but he unwittingly becomes entangled in an ancient battle between the Light and Dark. Turns out, he's a very special young man and his role could be the turning point for this battle. With the help of a magical guardian, another Mage ally, and an incredible Book, this troubled young man may just decide the fate of the entire world!

The creative team behind this project consists of Brandon Smelko- creator/writer/director/actor, and Tina Christner- creator/lead writer/assistant director. We are 2 very passionate creatives who have spent the last 9 months developing this fantastic story, writing the script, getting actors, finding locations, and even putting together costumes and a photoshoot for Sommoners Tale.
After all this hard work, we've moved into the shooting phase to begin the pilot episode.
Now we need YOUR help to turn this dream into reality. So… we need backers! People who want to be “patrons of the arts;” people who want to take an active role in their entertainment; people who want to help produce an extraordinary show.

More about Sommoners Tale:
We classify our show as “magical-realism.” This means that we're using our current modern world (realism) as our backdrop, while incorporating fantastical/magical elements. We've also drawn inspiration from the science-fiction genre, classic mythology, and current real events. We seek to not only entertain with some cool action and an intricate story line, we're also addressing contemporary topics and social issues at the forefront of modern life. Sommoners Tale uses the lens of fantasy/magic to tackle some major topics and problems. Nothing is off-limits to us. We want to spark discussion and explore life. Otherwise “sensitive” topics receive the ‘fantasy’ treatment- not unlike Gene Roddenberry and his Star Trek themes.
Some of our key topics:
Gender roles
Climate change
Social environments

We want to explore this crazy world we all live in, and we want to share this journey with you in the form of this TV series, Sommoners Tale.

Some specifics about our particular production:

We're using local talent (cast and crew)
We're featuring LGBTQ actors
We're giving some really amazing talent a chance to shine

So, why do we need money?

Well, obviously this sort of thing is expensive. Embarking on this journey, we have come to find all these various elements required for indie film making. And most of them cost money! Things we didn't even know about- things you might not know about, like:
Fight choreographer
Permits (locations)
Lighting/Camera/electrical rentals
Marketing/promo materials
Regular photography
Craft Services for actors and crew
Post production editing and cgi effects
Special effects makeup

A lawyer!

We've been truly blessed to have a lot of talented people donating their time and abilities to Sommoners Tale, and we are thrilled to share this all with the world.
We appreciate your continued interest, and hope that you will donate what you can as well as share our progress.
$0 of $2,000 per month
When we reach $2,000, we will choose a patron to have a 30 minute Skype call with writer/assistant director Tina Christner and director Brandon Smelko. (subject to availability)
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