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About Brent Barone

My name is Brent .I am a certified LATE BLOOMER. I for my startup small independent Music Production/ Music Publising Company

Now, at 55 years old, I have worked as an actor and singer for more than 20 years. But, recently decided on a change to become more independent.I am making a huge decision to do a job I truly love in life. MAKING MUSIC.
I compose and produce " production music" for use on T.V, films, and YouTube
There are various platforms on line where ready produced music is sold to film companies, advertising companies, and independent film and video makers. This is how the bulk of my music will be provided to clients.
I brushed up on my basic music theory. I self learned basic orchestration and taught myself how to use a Logic Pro X a DAW( Digital Audio Workstation) which is installed on my computer, to write/score music and mix& master it
I have spent many hours on YouTub and signing up for Udemy courses on how to mix and master music, the technical part of music production. I have also read up on how the business of providing production music works.
My studio is a small at "home studio" in the corner of my living room.
As for instrumentation I use VSTs. VSTs are real instruments recorded in a professional studio that can be played on a computer. I use high quality music. I have VSTs from; https:/www./, . all of which are very high quality and standard that give me the creative tools to make various genres of music from cinematic , pop, ambient, HipHop to light Rock music.
At this moment, I make about 2 to 3 songs a week.
I am self published via Boyrone Music Publishing

The Business of Music is highly competitive and vast. My interset in composing production music is based on the wide rage of techincal and creative skill it requires. The level of creative challenge is high and rewarding. I feel proud when I finish a cinematic track that sounds and feel emotionally complete, Or an ambient solo piano track the is moving and inspiring.

Stepping out on your on at the later part of life is, how can I say, a HUGE move, But, nothing I have done in recent years has fulfiled my creative energy as music has. The learning and re-learning in itself as pushed me forward
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I can improve my stock of VST with unique instruments and mixing mastering gear. Sign up for more course designed for making and producing Production Music
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