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The Cosmic Coup Project (hereafter referred to as, “the Project”) is a counter-psychological operation aimed at disrupting the western intelligence and media apparatus that serves and perpetuates the interests of New World Order Globalism and Trans-Humanism. The strategic goal of the Project is to act as a restorative force that seeks to return the balance of Cosmic Power to its natural systemic homeostasis.

The Project's first tactical objective is to develop a network of persons relating to one another both inside and outside of the Globalist Web that will act as a portal for all those who wish to permanently exit or otherwise not participate in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). This objective shall be achieved primarily through education and development of the higher human critical thinking skills necessary for the independent pursuit of individual freedom and liberty within an increasingly authoritarian and totalitarian society.

Through the fulfillment of the Project's initial objective the Project seeks to create seismic shock-waves throughout the Four Realms of Force Application aimed at disrupting Globalist/Trans-Humanist efforts to achieve “Singularity” and thus, create a fully autonomous, autonomic, and sentient virtual life-form via the merging of human DNA and consciousness with Quantum Processing Technology.

The Project does not endorse, finance, or lend its name to any other causes, organizations, or ideologies regardless of their realms of operation or sources of force. The Project is self-supporting through its own contributions, thereby preserving its autonomy and singular focus upon its primary purpose. The Projects primary purpose is to be a naturally restorative force at a time of unnatural and perverted evolutionary change.

The Cosmic Coup Project supports acts of civil disobedience, but in no way promotes or supports any acts of criminal violence against others or the State. The Project will simply provide conscientious citizens living in a world of systemic oppression a vehicle of protest and resistance against that oppression and, if necessary, safe haven for those who wish to reject 4IR.
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