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is creating Erotic Animations & Custom Content For WickedWhims & The Sims 4
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 I'd love to continue show all of this publicly but after receiving some friendly advice from the admins, explicit material must be marked "Patreon Only" for safe guarding reasons.

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My taste is mainly female/girl-girl orientated so please keep this in mind,

Patrons of this tier will have A LOT more consideration put to their suggestions and have a much higher chance of seeing their favorite scenes being possible in the game!

I will not do anything considered as forced or bestial so please consider this before pledging to request here!






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About R-Lo Hayabusa

Greeting Fellow Simmers!

My name is R-Lo and you may already know of me from an adult modding site known as LoversLab.

I started to play The Sims 4 last year and was blown away when TURBODRIVER released the legendary and game-changing WickedWhims mod that allows our Sims to engage in full blown sexual activities.
 For me, my kink is very female focused and as there are a lot of scenarios I'd love to see in my game, I decided to learn how to make the animations that can be used with it.
My aim is to create a selection of erotic and romantic actions for the game and bring some more sensuality that can be used tell stories of lust and consensual passion. 
My beautiful ladies have made quite an impression in the forums and the limit to the sexual situations and encounters that I can imagine them sharing is infinite.

While I'm very new to animation, I've learnt a lot very quickly and I am rapidly building skills at creating interesting things for our Simmies to do.
To start with I made some simple looping animations and  I am overjoyed at the positive reception and feedback that I have received so far from my fellow gamers at LoversLab and after some requests and encouragement have decided to look at working harder to discover my full potential for creating pleasurable animations in interesting locations and settings, i'll mainly be creating female orientated stuff but on occasions they may invite a boy or two (or few).

Even though my work has been so positively received, I am still at the beginning of my journey and will continue to rapidly improve.  

As an employed, single parent of a small child, I struggle to find the time to create animations at a steady pace as it is extremely time consuming.  I have created this Patreon request in order to try and earn the level of support that could remove the limitation of time that I can spend on improving my level of animating for the greater good of this project for The Sims 4 and for future releases and mods for years to come.

$353 of $500 per month
If this level of love can be reached i'll be able to spend much more time creating unique animations 
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