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About Carmen LaBerge

We are social beings and every day we have conversations both in person and over social media. Every one of those conversations is an opportunity to engage in ways that honor Jesus (or mis-represent Him and further damage His reputation in the eyes of the world). I want every Christian to be fully equipped to bring the mind of Christ to bear on the matters of the day in every conversation. 

People are asking big questions today: questions about identity, belonging, purpose, truth, love... They need people like you and me to help them reconnect the eternal with the every day - giving them not just a piece of our minds, but the very peace of the mind of Christ.  

Do you want to do that? Do want others to be equipped to enter into civil conversation across every dividing wall of hostility in the world and talk together about anything? That's what I do every day at The Reconnect and I'd love to have you join us! 

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