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This is my favorite tier as it makes Supporting Art & Artists a most accessible endeavor for most people interested in contributing! As thanks for getting Troppus Projects $1closer to sustainability each month, I will send a digital artwork via email to each patron that subscribes at this tier.

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So, this is my second favorite tier, but it IS twice as effective at helping to sustain Troppus Projects and its mission. As thanks for subscribing at the $2 tier, subscribers will receive a 2D artwork (envelope size) in the real life mail, in addition to a digital (printable) artwork!

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Well, obviously, the 3D tier provides VERY tangible support at $3 per month! As thanks for doing me a solid, I will send, in addition to the digital and 2D artwork, a small box of Troppus Projects goodies to subscribers at this tier.




TROPPUS PROJECTS is a small art space on a big mission to both give and garner support for art & artists, hence the name, SUPPORT backwards. 

Troppus Projects is an independent, artist owned and operated space that aims to provide greater access to contemporary art in a modest, but growing and changing, college town community. While technically it is a one person operation, it couldn’t happen without the participation of many artists seeking exhibition opportunities. Like Patreon*, Troppus Projects aims to work because of reciprocal, value for value relationships with artists, community members, and hopefully now, subscribers!

It is undeniable that sometimes the projects that have the potential to add the most value to our communities and our world at large are not the projects that are necessarily the most profitable financially. Right now, this startup has life because of big ideas, hard work, a supportive family, frugal solutions, and continued dependence on my own donated time and effort. I think that with modest support from patrons who appreciate the important work of artists and the tremendous impact art can have on life, this little brick and mortar art space could be sustainable and could grow and thrive to benefit people both in and well beyond Kent, Ohio. fewer words, subscribe because art makes good sense even when it doesn’t.

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Upon getting 20 patrons, I will design a 20 minute online lesson / project!

I enjoyed teaching Art Foundations in Higher Ed for over a decade and while doing so, also completed a post-graduate Certificate in Educational Technology. It would be great to be able to incorporate distance learning opportunities into what Troppus Projects has to offer!
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