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Gun Training and Discussion channel.
Some sword training.
Some political discussion.

 To Do List:
1- Constitutional Carry in all states. National right-to-carry reciprocity.
2-The repeal of all executive orders related to guns from the last 8 years.
3- The repeal of the NFA of 1934, GCA 1968 and the 1986 Hughes Amendment that baned the production of new full auto guns.
4- No restrictions on guns, ammo, magazines, sound suppressors or other gun accessories, domestic or imported.
5- The dissolution of the ATF which serves no purpose other than to suppress individual rights.
6- Supreme Court Justices that will protect the Constitution which includes the Bill of Rights as it was written.
7-Loosening of Background check requirements. If you have a carry permit you already passed one.
8- A ban on any state or municipalities from maintaining a gun registry or creating any gun laws more strict then Federal.
9- No sales tax or other fees on Guns, ammo, and accessories. Rights can not be taxed.
10- Guns to be declared a National Treasure and Gun Free zones abolished.
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