Dhiran Shah

is creating Foundups Writing a Book: A - Z in Entrepreneurship




per month for producing the content for the book.

About Dhiran Shah

I am an Entrepreneur from Bangalore, India, the SV of India. Always been inclined to ideas and try new things out, take risks, which has given me great experiences, insights and learning, and continues to give me more as I keep endeavoring in to newer ideas not just of mine, but also of my fellow Entrepreneurs globally. So whilst I am at it, I will be sharing my experiences, thoughts, insights, learning in the form of a book in progress. It will be interactive on this platform as well, which will enable me to add thought from some great creative minds out here. My daily Entrepreneurial Lifestyle along with some of the Creative minds here, wow that sounds super cool....
$6 of $100 per month for producing the content for the book.
Once I achieve my goal, I will be sharing my production with my patrons, the production should include atleast ten topics for me to share with my patrons, and from there on I will update those based on my interactions, inputs from the creative minds and patrons.
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