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About Darkhound

Welcome to my Patreon Page!

I am Darkhound and I have been creating adult renders and some comics for several years now.
To get a better idea on what I do and the quality of my art, feel free to visit my page on deviantart - https://darkhound1.deviantart.com/

This patreon site is all about my new huge project: A Ren'Py-based, interactive dating sim game!

Holiday Island
Download links (version beta)
Win version:
Holiday Island beta Windows/Linux (Mega link)
Holiday Island beta Windows/Linux (Google drive link)

Mac version:
Holiday Island beta Mac (Mega link)
Holiday Island beta Mac (Google drive link)

Android version (there won't be any support for this one):
Holiday Island beta Android (Mega link)
Holiday Island beta Android (Google drive link)

Update to version for PC or MAC including instructions on how to use it.
(there won't be updates for the Android version 0.1.8)
Holiday Island update to (PC and MAC)

Game story
You (the player) have just won a lottery for a holiday on a tiny, remote Pacific island...but not just any island! It is packed from the beach to the bedroom with a buffet of the world's most beautiful girls! (The game's intro section covers all of this in loving detail!) Besides the parade of enormous boobs, perfect butts and various types of...let's say, "unclothed intimacy", there is also a growing mystery your character will uncover and find himself right at the center of!

Why is this game different compared to so many other games around
  • Since I am a detail loving guy and have many years of experience in 3D rendering, you will get very high-quality images of the island's many gorgeous girls using the IRay rendering engine.
  • All of the stunning models you see in my game are custom made, so you haven't seem them anywhere else and you won't see them in any other games.
  • The game has a full story and there are quests upon quests to be managed, undertaken and solved.
  • A relationship and stats system for you and your ravishing fellow island guests is key to your progress, with constantly-updated parameters for traits such as love, affection, anger, strength, charm and endurance.
  • There are no wrong choices! The game is designed in a way that you cannot mess it up completely. There is always a way to recover and come back from poor decisions.
  • The game is huge with a selection of 15 different girls, as I write this.
  • Holiday Island features completely non-linear gameplay, with a multitude of different options, random events and specialized encounters that will constantly surprise and entice the player to build his relationship with each of the girls surrounding him.
  • Just like in real life you will get hungry, horny, drunk and need to sleep! Winning over the hearts of all of these busty knockouts takes work!

Game content
  • Ridiculously sexy girls looking incredible in evening wear, bikinis, and often much less, found all throughout the island's many locations (beach, pool, bar, restaurant, different hotel rooms, massage area, lobby, etc.)
  • There is posing, dancing, workout sessions, fun at the pool, hugging, kissing, lesbian sex, masturbation, titfucking, blowjobs and sex in all types of poses, including animations and video sequences!
  • Version beta of the game has more than 700 MB of content!
  • So far, I have created total more than 4.000 images and video sequences.
  • With more than 80.000 lines of code and dialogue, you will never be short of things to do, places to explore, and girls to bring to overpowering orgasms, all over every inch of Holiday Island!

Game screenshots

Thank you everybody for taking your time to read this. I hope you are curious enough to support my work here on patreon.

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