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If you pledge $3 I'll send you a digital copy of the comic you helped create. We'll update our page with progress once work on the comic begins.
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If you pledge $5, I'll send you the PDF of the next Guardians comic, AND give you sneak preview of the next issue before anyone else.
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If you pledge $10, I'll send you the PDF of the next Guardians comic, AND give you sneak preview of the next issue before anyone else. AND...I will throw in some concept art of future characters that'll soon arrive in the Guardians universe, AND!!!!!....I'll do a Q&A video answering YOUR Guardians questions! Or...if you have questions about writing or the comic industry itself, I'll do what I can to answer them!




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About Todd Black

GUARDIANS #0-#15 Available HERE!!!

Guardians #15 Is Now Out!

Help get Guardians funded via our $300 milestone and I'll make Guardians #1-#3 FREE for everyone.

Hello everyone. My name is Todd Black, and I am the writer/creator of an Indie Comic called Guardians.

Guardians is my take on the superhero genre, but I have some interesting twists in it. My heroes, the Guardians, aren't...well, "typical" heroes. But I'm not going to spoil it for you! We actually have a free prologue issue we'd be happy to have you check out before deciding to help us. You can find it at the link below:

Back? Good! Well aside from that prologue, we actually have six more arcs complete, spanning the course of 13 issues. In them we introduce many epic villains from our Rogues Gallery such as Tempest, Phase, and Frequency. You can check them out, along with their stories, via the link below.

The Game Has Changed

When we first started the Patreon, our goal was to continue Guardians starting with Guardians #4. But now, as in right now, we're actually making Guardians #14. So why the Patreon? Because we still need your help to make Guardians long term.

And I don't just mean making comics, I mean expanding the Guardians brand, and going to places that would've been unlikely when we started this a year ago. Last year I went to C2E2, the Chicago Comic-Con, and was in Artist Alley for the first time in my life. IT WAS AWESOME!!! Being there felt so right, and if we raise enough money, along with making more issues, I'll be able to do more of them, and meet great people like Ms. AZ Powergirl (pictured with me below), who actually helped make an issue of my comic (which we are holding), which you can get here.

The milestones for our Patreon are simple. If we reach $300 per issue, we'll be able to continue Guardians for a long time. And to add to that, if we reach that goal, I'll make Guardians #1-#3 free for everyone to read! Why do this? Because I know that reading comics is an expensive hobby. And getting a new series, whether mainstream or indie, just isn't that easy. So, by making Guardians #0 free, and hopefully Guardians #1-#3 free, I'll help people decide whether they want to continue on or not. If they don't? That's fine. If they do? They can either continue buying them, or pledge here to show their support.

If we go above that goal, I'm going to increase my artists pay. Alex is doing a HUGE favor for me by taking a pay cut to make Guardians. It's truly our passion to make this, but I want to do right by him, so the more we make pledge wise, the more Alex gets the money he deserves.

And like I mentioned before, we want to go to more Comic Cons. So at the $1000 per issue mark, we'll establish some more Cons to go to. We honestly have gotten requests to come to some, but timing and budget haven't allowed us to do so. With your help, we can travel all over to make this happen.

For me, Guardians is a team effort. I wouldn't be here without Alex, and we both want to make this comic for a long time, you can help us do that. And it continues with Guardians #14!

The World of Guardians

I have a LOT of ideas for Guardians, and I have a full cast of characters both good and bad for them to meet. It's going to be a fun ride, which is why I need your help to make sure it doesn't stop. Not only will Guardians have great action, but it'll have deep compelling stories as well. The relationship between Element and Chaos (the Guardians) is a key dynamic that drives the comic. In fact, one of the main themes of the comic is the question of purpose. More specifically:

"Is there more to life than the purpose I was given?"

A deep question, and a question that one of Guardians asks in Guardians #1, and a question that'll keep getting brought up as the series continues. Cause it's not an easy answer, and their journey will show that.

So if you decide to help, I guarantee you'll be helping me continue my dream, cause my dream is to write Guardians for as long as I can. And don't feel you have to give a lot of money, you don't. If you give a little, then ask people to do the same, this'll snowball and soon we'll have plenty to make more comics! I have always said that if you pledge $3 per issue? That'd mean the world to me, and in return you get a comic I think you'll like. Bunch of people do that? We're in business for a long time.

This whole journey started with "In The Beginning", then grew with "Winds of Change", "A Phase We're Going Through", "Adjusting The Frequency", and now "Deadly Silence". Trust me when I say we're still only starting. I've got some great characters for you to meet, and if you'll help me continue my journey, I'll be sure to be a creator who is not only humble and grateful, but one that happily interacts with all of his readers

Unite, and Become Stronger

More than just that though, I really want you to be a part of the Guardians Community, so follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr, and chat with us! Whether it's about comics, TV shows, cartoons, let's have some fun!

We also do contests on our pages as well. From helping create Guardians media, to getting drawn into the comic, nothing is off limits. We want YOU to help make Guardians better, both in the comic, and in the world!

And stay tuned to our Patreon page as I'll be updating it with pieces of art featuring future Guardians characters, AND art from the upcoming issues.

Every issue of Guardians that gets made is truly a dream come true for me. And I hope this Patreon experience allows me to continue for a very long time. I thank you for your time, I hope you'll help and spread the word, and I hope to see you in Delta City one day.

$14 of $300 per issue created
Change in tactics means change in goals. This one is as simple as simple can be. If we reach $300 per issue, we'll be able to continue Guardians for a LONG time. Oh, and we'll make the first four issues of Guardians FREE for everyone to read and check out!

Anything we make above this to a certain point will go to raise the pay of our artist Alex Garcia for his services.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 18 exclusive posts