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Thank you thank you thank you! You'll get a thank you on our website, and awesome street cred with scientists around the world. Additionally, you'll get access to the Google Earth KMZ file of our field dataset when we hit the $250 mark, and you'll get the Mineral and Plant ID app when it becomes available after we hit the $500 mark.
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Stickers for everyone! If you support us at this level, we'll send you a super-awesome Mission Mojave bumper sticker in addition to the thank yous for the $1 level. You'll also get exclusive access to our running Q&A feed for our patrons. Ask us about science, STEM education, the environment, the desert, or anything you want! If we don't have someone on staff who can answer your questions, we'll find a scientist who can. We're awesome like that.
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You'll get all of the thank yous from the $1 and $5 levels, plus you'll get to choose a high resolution photograph from our collection of nature photos to download and print as large as you'd like. It's our way of bringing a little bit of nature's beauty right into your home (or computer desktop, cubicle, etc.)




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About Blueprint Earth

Why should I give Blueprint Earth my money?
You should donate to Blueprint Earth because you've wondered at the beauty of our planet. If you've gazed in awe at majestic mountains, gasped at the tremendous power of an erupting volcano, or stopped to inhale the fragrance of spring's finest flowers, then we're the nonprofit for you. Your donations will go directly to fund our scientific research, and our first work area is in California's Mojave Desert. All of the data we collect about our area's animals, plants, rocks, water, and atmosphere will available to anyone who's interested. That means that everyone from PhD-level scientists down to elementary school kids will be able to see what we're doing, and how each part of the environment plays an essential role in creating life. Also, your donations are fully tax-deductible!

$5 per month will get you this awesome sticker.

Why does Blueprint Earth need my help?
The knowledge we gain from cataloging the Earth's environments is not something we can get any other way, and it's critical that we obtain it as soon as we can. Our first crowdfunding campaign last year allowed us to collect 2% of the geology and biology data for our area, and 14% of the hydrology and atmospheric info that we need. With your help, the next year will see us finish our cataloging efforts, unveil new materials and activities that teachers can use to get students excited (ok, thrilled) about science, and start understanding how every single piece of the desert is connected.

$25 per month gets you this rockin' t-shirt.

How is Blueprint Earth different?
We know that it seems like someone would already be doing this, but the amount of separation between different science fields is often very far. At Blueprint Earth, we're changing that. Microbiologists and meteorologists are working with botanists and vertebrate biologists, and we're setting the stage for some truly incredible discoveries. When we have an understanding of this part of the desert, we're going to kick it up to an even higher level. We're going to rebuild the desert inside of a warehouse, and we're going to see if we understand the puzzle well enough to put it back together. Once we've done that, then it's on to the tundra, the prairie, the swamps, the rainforests, and more. You can make that happen. You can help us assemble the most electrifying library of information about our world that has ever existed. You can help us build our planet, for today, for tomorrow, and for generations to come.
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Do you have a hunger for being first? Well, you're in luck! We'll send all of our patrons a preview Google Earth KMZ file of our dataset. You'll be able to see exactly where we're working and what we're doing, and it even has pictures! We'll be releasing all of this data to the public eventually, but you'll get the first look at how our work is coming along.
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