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Sketchdump Spectators. Sketchtators
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Every month, I'll upload the past month's worth of sketches, plus progress shots and timelapse videos, exclusively to Patreon. These will be the full, uncropped files, so you can get a better look at my process (read: just kind of arbitrarily adding doodles to a canvas until I run out of layers).

Sketchdump Directors. Sketchdrectors?
per month

By bumping up to $5, you get to take a more active role in the monthly sketchdump process! Every month you get to make a specific suggestion/request for a sketch, and I'll do my darndest to ensure it's included in the next sketchdump!

A Thousand Words (Give or Take)
per month

At $10 per month, you get access to view and comment on in-progress fanfiction before anyone else! And, because writing is a whole Process and new stuff isn't necessarily going to be available All The Time, you'll also be invited to special streams where Puzz, she of Many Thoughts On Content, will talk live on one of a variety of topics (which you also get special input on choosing!)

Note: This tier also includes access to sketchdumps and the monthly sketch request!




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About Anonymous Puzzler

Anonymous Puzzler (also known as "Puzz" or "Big Puzz") is an artist and writer, creating both fan-works and original content. You may be familiar with her work from Tumblr (home of several years' worth of varied fan-content), Ao3 (hosting primarily The Adventure Zone, and recently, Pacific Rim and Professor Layton fanfiction), and Twitter (home of primarily recent fandom art). She is also a regular producer of freelance work and original art under her, quote, "flesh realm name".

The primary purpose of this Patreon is to create new content for, and engage directly with, those who enjoy it. Any monetary earnings from patrons go primarily to supporting basic expenses - food, internet, student loans, the works - and ideally, will allow for the creation and publishing of original content down the line. Thank you sincerely for your interest and support!

Commission info:
$9 of $50 per month
$50 per month means that Patreon alone is paying for my meals every month. As thanks for your kind support, I'll have a special stream just for patrons and allow you to vote on whether you want an art stream, video game stream, or special ramble stream.
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