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-Your Fatal Core name appears in a "thank you" screen in game, as well as the comic!
-Access to hi-res art files
-Access to sketches, rough drafts, and various bonus content


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-Your custom-made Fatal Core AVATAR appears in a "thank you" screen in game, as well as the comic!
-Access to Test server -- experience new cards, balance changes, and events first!
-All lower-tier benefits


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-Name a bot! Immortalize yourself by naming one of the AI opponents in Fatal Core. (Names subject to approval)
-Custom wallpaper! Pick one of the art files available to Patrons and simply give us the dimensions of your desktop or mobile device. We will turn the art into a wallpaper just for you!
-On request, a physical collectible item (such as a print) will be mailed to you, once every 6 months! (US Patrons only)
-All lower tier benefits




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About Cosmic Cog

Fatal Core is, and always will be, a 100% purchase-free card game! Many modern TCGs suffer from the cumbersome nature of the pack sales model. From a player's point of view, a strategic victory is diminished if the driving force behind it is money. Furthermore, it is expensive to drive sales: an expert team is needed to constantly create, analyze, and improve incentives for players to purchase packs. This is not efficient for small-scale TCGs! The consequences of clinging to this outdated approach have caused many promising card games to shut down prematurely.

We are here to try a different approach. Fatal Core will be crowdfunded through Patreon and similar platforms. We run on a policy of transparency and open communication. Our goal is to put the player community, the voice of which all too often goes unheard, into a co-directing role.

When it comes to gameplay, Fatal Core is just as innovative! There is no mana. Turns are simultaneous, creatures are played onto a 3x2 field where each slot has a bonus specific to your Lead character. Hands are almost entirely open, enabling what we call "predictive play" -- anticipate your opponent's strategy and plan your own accordingly instead of simply playing your strongest cards! Decks are small, with rich deckbuilding oriented around card rank. Games are short but filled with excitement.

The game is currently in Beta, with a Steam release planned late this year. We are moving along at a brisk pace and making significant improvements several times each week.

With your support, we believe that we can make Fatal Core a strong contender in the TCG market. Perhaps we can start an important conversation about how games can generate revenue more fairly as well!

Game link:

Join us on Discord:

Our docs are publicly available. Check them out here.

$126.53 of $500 per month
  • Cosmetic sleeves will be added to the game! (Please allow ~2 weeks for delivery.) 
  • PF gain rates, S card drop rates, and Foil drop rates will be doubled for 2 weeks!
  • The drop rates of the incredibly rare Alt arts will be doubled for two weeks!
  • One lucky donor will be randomly selected to help us design an upcoming Raid, picking which in-game character will appear as the Raid Boss!
  • We will decide an additional incentive for reaching this goal prior to the Steam launch as a community!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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