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About Scott Lowther

I've been researching the history of aerospace technology for many years. I've focused most of my effort on those programs that didn't fly: the concepts that were too expensive, or politically non-viable, or technically infeasible or just plain unlucky. If you want to read about the P-51 Mustang or the 747, there are many books easily available. But what if you're interested in the X-20 Dyna Soar or Project Pluto or the Orion nuclear pulse vehicle? Nuclear rockets? Manned missions to Mars? Hypersonic bombers? Vertical takeoff rocket powered suborbital passenger transports? Blended wing body jetliners? I've got you covered. For years I've been self-publishing the aerospace history e-magazine "Aerospace Projects Review," where I tell the tales that have been largely forgotten, and more recently I've been working on "US Bomber Projects," which focuses on unbuilt aircraft and spacecraft bombardment systems. Take a look: and

I have also been posting bits of this information onto the Aerospace Projects Review blog for quite some time, making information available a bit at a time.

I find and make available old reports, blueprints, brochures and the like. I was interviewed on "The Space Show" in late 2013 about the importance of researching and preserving these little-remembered aspects of aerospace history; you can download and listen to the MP3 of the interview HERE. I also create accurate and detailed diagrams using CAD software. This all requires a whole lot of research, along with sometimes knowing where to go and who to talk to... as well as a lot of time and effort on preparing the information for release.

Funds would allow me to not only devote more time to this, but also to directly purchase what I need to continue the research. Everything from travel to buying things on eBay (some amazing bits of aerospace history pop up from time to time) to the raw materials to create old-school large-format cyanotype blueprints, it all costs.

So if you'd like to see this sort of research continued and expanded, here's a chance to help out!  The rewards for helping out will include receiving large format scans of vintage aerospace blueprints, PDFs of scanned and restored documents and high resolution CAD diagrams, freshly created. Along with the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping to preserve this otherwise almost forgotten aspect of our history. An illustrated catalog of the past monthly rewards is available HERE. Past rewards are available separately to APR Patrons.

Along with the "official" rewards, there will also be, from time to time, other items posted available for various levels of patrons.
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At this milestone, I'll upload four large-format diagram/artwork and PDF documents per month (probably at a mix of one diagram, three docs, though this may vary from time to time). There will always be a mix of "space" and "air." The $10 patrons get to vote on what is released, based on an illustrated catalog that is updated and provided monthly.
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