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    About Bones, Stones, and Books

    On Bones, Stones, and Books I write about archaeology. Or, more specifically, what happens when archaeology takes a few wrong turns and parks in a lot of wild conclusions. Pseudoarchaeology, or the misinterpretation, misrepresentation, and misuse of archaeology is enormously popular. I talk about aliens. I talk about giants. I talk about legendary lost cities. I talk about the shows, documentaries, and books that try to convince you these theories are true. I talk about the movies, books, comics, and video games that use topics like these, and the danger in doing so if they're not used responsibly. I talk about how dangerous real life extremist groups use archaeology to promote their agendas. On Bones, Stones, and Books I write about all sorts of pseudoarchaeological topics. I also invite my readers into the world of archaeology so they can not only learn more about this fascinating field, but also gain the knowledge they need to be able to critically analyze the archaeology around them. Because no matter what the TV may tell you, human history is HUMAN history. No extraterrestrials involved.

    All support I receive from my patrons will go towards helping me maintain my website, from the basic costs of running the website ($120/year) to the research that goes into writing posts (variable costs). Additional support helps me present my research to the public and at conferences. Thank you all for your support!
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    My website costs $120/year to keep it running! A total of $10/month will ensure I can keep the website up for another year.
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