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The "I like your content" tier.  My eternal Gratitude will be provided free of charge.

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The "I like your content AND want my name in the credits" tier. My eternal Gratitude will be provided free of charge x5 over.

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Straight up I will review any video, film or piece of fan fiction you wish. 

Exceptions being obvious shock videos like ones depicting death or gross acts, or pieces of fan fiction that you just want to me to "laugh at" because of how bad they are or that one fic that used to be considered the longest piece of written media ever.

Besides those, any easy to track down film, video, fic, game or hell even actual book is fair game. Needs to be a single piece of media though, can't be a whole film/book series or reviewing the entire channel/works of a youtuber/content creator.

Also probably goes without saying, you can only bid on this thing once per person, so no repeats to try and trick the system. Don't take this tier lightly, only pay it if you really REALLY need to see me cover something. 'You will die if you don't see it' type of serious.




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About Patreon of Eddyoshi (otherwise known as Ed)

Hello and welcome to the thing that every creator already has!

This Patreon will be seen as a tip jar of sorts where if you like my content and would like to support me and seeing more of it, you can "donate" if you will. Wether it be making videos, writing stories or even my upcoming work on drawing, whichever one you wish to support you can. Never feel like you need to though, only donate here if you really do like my content, have the amount to actually pay it, and wouldn't give the money to anyone else. I don't want to be the reason you don't have lunch that day or anything like that.

I also make it a personal goal of mine to never lock or gatekeep content. I follow this as at least to me personally, content that has been locked off behind a pledge or specific tear doesn't encourage me to pledge in order to see it, it just instead draws me further away to not following the person. It sets up a rather nasty clique/divide between the ones who pay and the ones who don't and I really wouldn't like to see that happen. If there is someone who wishes they could pay, but can't, it makes them feel left out and worse than the ones who can, and when its not in their power to be able to do so...thats just not a good feeling at all. Like you don't matter to a creator unless you pledge, which is infair.

There may be Patreon exclusive stuff like editing/brainstorming videos, content that is posted here early for a limited amount of time, or content made SPECIFICALLY PERSONALLY for someone, but never any core content that will be exclusive to them. Such as videos, stories or drawings, they will always be visible to everyone, only difference would be depending on what it is or the amount of time it took to develop, the Patrons may see it earlier.
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