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About Troy

Who does this guy think he Is . . . ?

As a poet and social visionary, I’ve devoted a lifetime toward developing alternative models of community as a resource for social architects and capacity builders. I’ve also played with the language enough to articulate this body of work in a coherent and engaging manner. Much of it is already published and accessible. Now I’m endeavoring to present my work in a broader and more engaging way: through instructional videos and blog posts. To do this, I require a supportive network of patrons to help me keep my head above water and deliver the goods.

My journey has taken me all over the map, to high and low places, grappling with all the issues that you are yourself already well acquainted with in facing the challenges of your own life: the harsh realities, the moral and intellectual dilemmas. But I believe that our lives are overlighted by a wiser Intelligence (define that how you will), and that the crucible of human experience overall works to refine the crudities of our nature into more polished expressions of love and wisdom and resolve ~ that is, as we discover the means of getting out of our own way. 

The predispositions of our past, the limits of belief, often undermine our very attempts to actualize our most ardent wishes. We shrink back into the humdrum of our familiar boxes, unable to see a way forward.

I also believe that we have entered a transitional phase, a threshold of sorts ~ become a transitional species ~ between one evolutionary stage and another. The indications of this are fairly obvious: in the gradual breaking down of our governmental, economic, and cultural systems and institutions; climate changes, sometimes of a dramatic nature, and changing solar dynamics that impact us at the deepest levels imaginable; in the collective mania that flares up here and there; in the disclosures of things that have been going on in secrecy for who knows how long; and in the genetic upgrades that are most evident in the capacities of the very youngest of our species, the new children being born.

What is behind this accelerated pace of change? What does all this tell us about future scenarios that are taking shape? And, most importantly, how can we navigate the changes and deal with the personal stresses with which we are challenged in making this transition? Put more succinctly: how do we reinvent ourselves, and go from being creatures of habit to being more conscious and deliberate creators in the midst of these present and pending shifts?

These are the questions and issues I’ll be addressing in my videos and blogs on this site. With your support, I’ll have the stability to focus on the research, writing, and video productions on a full-time basis, acquire the video and editing software to present my work more engagingly and professionally, and provide private and group coaching to assist those desiring that one-on-one engagement with me.

I aspire to inspire, uplift, encourage, illuminate, entertain, and inform everyone with whom I cross paths. And this means you too. I would not be seeking your patronage if I did not feel that I had something of comparable value to offer in exchange. Of course, you will have to be the judge of that. But I'm confident that, in my offerings, you will find food for your soul that will help sustain you especially through those dark times when taking a leap of faith. When all other voices tell you that you can't, that you aren't, that you won't, I will always be here to tell you that you Can, that you Are, and that you Will. Stay the course. Make a mess. And when all the lights go out (they will), that is the moment to ignite your own fire.

As patrons of my work, I will take you "behind the scenes" of my journey as I go along. I've devoted many years to several endeavors, as an author, freelance writer, and now stepping into the role of being a quantum coach. I know what it is to be homeless and without a friend in the world. And I know what it is to feel stuck in a life of meaningless redundancy. It is my desire, not only to share my experiences and visions with you (with a little poetry along the way to spice things up), but also to assist you in your own efforts to cross the threshold of apparent limitations to actualize your own potentials and desires. I will never ask more of you than what you're already contributing to support me in this work. An exchange of value, based on the broadest measure of our Common-wealth.

This, by way of reciprocating and saying Thank You for your patronage!
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When I reach $2400 per month, I'll organize workshops to train individuals desiring to establish operating stewardship guilds.
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