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Would you like to embark on a journey with me? I am an entrepreneur, author, coach, and public speaker. My book Becoming a Seeker will be coming out soon!
I believe happier people are found helping others. I believe in a life of service to others is the best way to live for me. May you be well served by my videos, podcasts, and writings. I am thinking of doing an online book study of my book as well. Would you be interested?
I have been a mentor to others since for the last 12 years and I decided to go ahead and make it a profession years later, so I first became a Life Coach in 2015. I am currently researching options on becoming a Licensed Clinical Social Worker so that I can do therapy as well as coaching. If you had asked me what the difference was, I will tell you this: Coaching is present and future oriented as well as solution based. A therapist can do both coaching and therapy, but a coach is limited and can’t do therapy. I want to do both. I want to become a mental health professional that is in service to others regardless of how they may be suffering. I am a seeker, so I am seeking to overcome some of my professional limitations here as well as personal ones. Always.
I believe there is no status quo, I think we are either growing forward and achieving or moving backwards and regressing.
I hope you enjoy me and my stories as this is only the beginning. Let's do this together!

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