Pachamama Forest Restoration Project

is creating Systems of living in Harmony with Nature
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Seed Starter
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This tier is for those who wish to support & participate in our project on a basic level.

Tree Nurturer
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Funds from this tier are allocated towards tree care - this includes maintaining and growing our sapling nursery, ensuring that we always have happy, healthy trees to add to our forestation project.

Volunteer Food Fund
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Our project is driven by the hands of our volunteers. We provide food in return for the work they do. Our work is limited to the number of volunteers we can feed as this is generally our biggest month to month expense. By joining this tier, you are sponsoring 4kgs of Beans per month toward the kitchen, which helps us get more work done! Our welcome package is provided to Patrons under this tier




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About Pachamama Forest Restoration Project

For too long, we have collectively thought of ourselves as separate from nature. The time has come to remember that we are so intimately connected and dependent on healthy ecosystems. Pachamama is a living-learning centre & community based project, located in the Garden Route of South Africa.

Our core mission is to serve current and future generations by developing lifestyle & living systems on a value system which is based on cultivating and enhancing the natural flow of ecological function.

Our supporters are contributing toward the growing movement in changing the way we collectively engage with nature. We provide the opportunity to participate in a project which creates ripples of change, extending far beyond the boundary of this land. 

We are currently in Phase 2 of our Holistic Strategy and have opened up this new way of enabling people to invest in this meaningful project. In exchange for your support, we will share useful and practical information about what we have learnt and continue to learn from this experience through blog posts, creative media and Patreon exclusive content.

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