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For those who want to assist the channel in small douses, while kicken' back and goofing off with Ellevarg... WEEEEE! By selecting this Tier...

-> You get an early heads up on each video uploaded!

(release will not be disclosed)

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For those who want to provide insight and help out the channel in a small way, though do more than Ellevarg yet not as much as Riptor or Gauku. This tier will also allow you to vote on things whenever Tyrannt asks for opinions. By selecting this Tier...

-> You gain Ellevarg's Benefit

-> You can participate in discussions Patreon Discussions

-> there's a chance some of your comments will end up on a discussion video

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The Standard package, as Gauku is a standard Saurian. This Tier is for those who want to truly provide insight in the direction of the channel as well as help the channel grow.

-> Perviously mentioned benefits from the lesser tiers

-> Participation in polls

-> guesstimates on upload scheduling  




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About Tyrannt Industries

Greetngs people of the internet, I'm TyranntX, yes the weirdo who makes anime videos and hates Hinata Hyuga with a vengeance.Welcome to my Patreon! where you can assist with helping the channel grow larger! (By funding it) 

We here at Tyrannt Industries strive to make at the very least, decent videos on You Tube. But just decent only goes so far, if you'd like to fund the future production of content (I.E, help the channel by assisting with funds to improve quality) then here's the place to do it! Now it will take time and patience, but We (and be We I mean myself, Tyrannt.) are willing to wait if it means improving how videos look, feel, and sound.
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In the event I reach $200 in earnings, I'll post the next part of "What if Sasuke Died"
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