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About Card & Coffee by Tanner Ashley C

Hey there, friends. My name is Tanner, and I am a writer, an intuitive, and a self-proclaimed coffee witch. Among the many hats I wear, tarot and writing have been with me the longest. As a tarot reader and modest metaphysician, I realized at the end of 2018 that while I love tarot, I did not have the desire to "grow and scale" as a business as I knew it.

So, I've created this space with that in mind by incorporating more writing into my tarot practice.

While it is a pleasure to do what I love, us creative types must also value our time and energy.
I actually feel more freedom to create and share through this space.

My focus through tarot and writing is using Intuitive Strategy which checks in with our higher selves, our intuition, our integrity when moving through our craft and creating in our endeavors.

Here, I offer other creatives, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and lightworkers guidance on your Intuitive Strategy.

Any suggestions to expand on offerings is highly appreciated as well as any feedback.

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