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About Omnixius

Hello, I am Omnixius, and I write a couple of web serials that I update several times a week.

I currently write the Dragon Knight Prophecy, a serious, high fantasy romance. And Heather the Necromancer a lighthearted and fun LitRPG. 

My goal with both of these books is to tell a good story. Each is very different from the other and requires a different mindset. I am enjoying the exploration of both styles and hope that my joy and commitment shows through to my readers. 

However, the market will dictate the outcomes. If Heather proves to be the more popular story, I will give it more time. If the Dragon Knight Prophecy continues to be the most popular, it will keep receiving the most time. 

Either way, I intend to write both stories until I die, so keep on the lookout for updates! 

Also, thank you so much for supporting me. You have no idea how much I have struggled against to get here. I wish I could thank you all in person for the help and the love you show me. 

Anyway, before I get all emotional, thank you, and I hope to make your gift worth it.

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As a follower of the God Vellis you bring healing and health to the world.

-You can read up to 4 chapters of the Dragon Knight Prophecy ahead of Schedule.

-You can read up to 2 chapters of Heather the Necromancer ahead of Schedule.

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As a follower of the God Gorrin you build the tools that shape the world.

-All the benefits of the 1$ Tier, your just being kinder.

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The Goddess Ulustrah brings Healthy crops, Fertile soil, and loving families to the world.

-access to up to 4 chapters of Heather the Necromancer ahead of Schedule. (currently only 3 available)

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As a worshiper of Astikar you bring mercy and justice to the world, and my sanity. 

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As a worshiper the Queen of Dragons you wish to see harmony between man and Dragon so they can share the love they were always meant to have. Incidentally you will share my love as well.

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The worshipers of Solesta follow the way of ancient dragons. They are exceedingly powerful and known for their great wealth.  Like their Goddess they are prone to great and decisive actions. You are also my personal heroes. 

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I will get a proper webcam and turn my audio logs into video logs.
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