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Want to support Retrovaniacs, but don’t care about extra shows?  Then this is for you.   

For as little as $1 a month, you get access to Patron only posts here, including surveys, The List (where you can recommend a game that MAY get picked), and other limited access posts!  Sure, you won’t  get our bonus shows, but you’ll still get some quality content otherwise!

Super Retrovaniac

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What’s better than a Retrovaniac?  That’s right.  A Super Retrovaniac.  You want extra shows?  You become a Super Retrovaniac and you get bonus shows, as well as everything original recipe Retrovaniacs get.

Mini-episodes will be delivered on the off-weeks of the regular show, and will be 10-15 minutes with no filler.  We could go longer than that I suppose, but I doubt we’ll get many complaints about that.

Additionally, we may want to put up some other special shows, and all that is only available to Super Retrovaniacs.

Super Retrovaniac II DX Turbo Edition

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Whoa.  $10 or more a month?  Thats crazy.  You must really like us.   Well, we love you.  

First off, we will thank you by name on the show, which makes you kind of a big deal, and will impress your friends and family.

Second, once you have paid us a total of $50 USD (so 5 months at the minimum for this tier), you get to pick a game we MUST cover (assuming we didn’t already).  You want to force us to talk for an hour about Amagon?  This is exactly how you guarantee it happens.  Might even have you on that show, if you want that.  (THIS IS A ONE TIME ONLY BENEFIT)

Finally, aside from our monthly drawings, after 3 months at this tier, you are guaranteed an annual Patron gift that will likely be delivered around Christmas and may be wrapped in a festive manner so call it what you want.   It’s  a personal thank you from us to you for supporting the show!



About Retrovaniacs

Retrovaniacs has been providing a free twice-monthly retro gaming podcast since 2015, and we will continue to do so.  However, running the show isn’t free and frankly we need to upgrade some equipment now and then as well.  So, this is your change to help us and get some exclusive content, including bonus shows, monthly giveaways, and more!  
50 - reached! patrons
If we get 50 Patrons, we will be able to add additional bonus show content!  We will add a guaranteed extra bonus episode over the current 2 per month!
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