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 on discord  i kept my server for 2 years as place were i create community were i can talk and have fun so ican forget the horros of my life and the poverty i live in some might think im lying some think im not even who i say i am well its there opinion and i respect itbut this place is the familey i made online other then the one i have in real life i had very fun and exiting experiences but i feel like i cant keep on controlling things around here as i feel like there are some of you who have better ideas and things for this place to be i tryed hiding my self as normal guy who lives normal life but i failed as i cant keep hiding my self behind the shadow of stalin as even he wont like people hiding in shadows i know i made bad things and made people angry i wish to correct things but if you can feel what i feel when you live in sociaty built on hate use of others and destruction of free thinking when no one wants you to be who you want to be but they only wanna shape you to what they want

when you have no controll over your dreams and wishes you wont be able to live in such sociaty and the algerien sociaty fits this description pretty well everyone is only focused on gaining wealth and not caring about emotions or familey or morals they dont care about your passion as they see it as joke there minds are all the same like animals get money get job get wife all people repeat this to me as if there consciousness is connected youcan say its like animals as they have the same habitats and other behaviors algeria is corrupt place i know people called me liar a thief but its ok a lot of people online us stories of people like me for wealth and gaining money so finiding a real story is hard

most of you live great lives but i dident have that luxury of beautiful life a good father a nice mom who cares for your pain and tryes making it less painful i dont have steady familey as even my neighbors hate my familey all of them we feel like were intruders in there area i tryed solving my problems but i only spilled gas on the fire around me i wish if someone would understand me and feel my pain<time>(edited)</time>

 i have no reason to lie as it only broke the trust of people around me i failed to regain trust so many times and i was my fault losing it all i wish is to save my familey i dont wanna hurt people as i feel that emotion when you get tricked to go to a road full of spikes i never had good life as even the father witch is the one who sould help me and protect me and teach me about life tryed killing me when i was new born child my mother divorced him due to this and after that we never saw him since that i lived life of harm and fighting people and neighbors around me are 2 faced in a face you see a good guy but in the other someone ready to stab you but what is more scary is that you dont know who to trust and were the hit might come from i have been taking a lot of decisions trying to make my life better but failed in every one of those choices i hope i hope that one day a door opens and lets me get out of this country of hate lies and corruption algeria is just place of hellish nightmares i wish i can get help leaving and making new life

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