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I am Dwayne Tucker from
I am a Photographer living in Miami, Florida. I create Portraits, Advertising / Commercial Photographs, Product Shots for E-Commerce and Candid / Street Photographs. This Patron account about supporting my Photography. At the level that I am growing, and the direction that I am going, the cost of operating is expensive. I am in need of funds to purchase new gear that totals to: $25,600.00

(Camera bodies (Nikon Z7 - $2,796.95), Camera Lens - (Nikon 14-24mm $1,896.95, Nikon 70-200mm - $2,796.95, Nikon 400mm - $11,196.95) Lighting Gear (Profoto B1X 500 AirTTL 1-Light To-Go Kit $2,295.00 x 2needed -  $4,592.00, Profoto 5' RFi Octa Softbox - $425.00, Profoto 3' RFi Octa Softbox - $279.00, Profoto 50° Softgrid for 3.0' RFi Octa Softbox $209, Profoto 50° Softgrid for 5.0' RFi Octa Softbox - $569, ProfotoSoftlight Kit - $839.00)

In order to get work as a Photographer we must update our portfolios with work that we are capable of doing. I currently do this by renting the gear that I need and it cost me about $500+ for each session rental). Own the gear means that I can produce better content which will result into more work. More work for me as a Photographer means the world to me. It is a dream to grow into a legend and a master of the art. 

Follow my Instagram or explore my website and you'll see the dedication that I've given to photography. 

I would like to go further with Photography.
The more Patrons that I have helps me purchase equipment and that will help me create more photographs. 

Thank you for helping on my journey to becoming a legendary photographer. 

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