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The Cohorts
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Cohorts are the building blocks of our beautiful society. You may be weak alone, but together, you create a formidable army.

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Denizens are the elite cadre of hardened warriors that are the unifying force in our army.

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The Goliaths
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Goliaths are the brutalists on the battlefield; they are one-person legions, who by themselves could wipe out hoards of oncoming infantry. 

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About Gladiator Studios

Hey guys welcome to our channel! All of us here at Gladiator are extremely passionate about making films. Our only goal is to make movies that will make you feel something, whether it be fear, excitement, or sadness. Due to school and extra-curricular commitments, we can only film once every month. With your guys' support, we can start chasing our dreams of filmmaking full time and with complete focus. Additionally, we can greatly increase the quality by investing in top-of-the-line equipment and professional actors. Any contribution, even if it's only a dollar goes a longer way than you guys could ever know. Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity to create.
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When we hit 25 patrons, we'll be able to start improving the world-building of our films. We intend to do this by hiring better, more professional actors, investing in wardrobes that stand out, and buying the necessary props that will assist in making our stories come to life. 
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