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Lead by example—that’s my motto. In 2016, I Felt the Bern and volunteered for him. But it wasn’t enough. I could have done a lot more. We all could have done more. But Hindsight is 2020, and this time we have a good shot at winning—if we do the hard work of organizing.

In 2016, after earning my MA in Russian History, I left the US to look for work as an academic editor in Estonia. I was lucky to get a gig with the biggest university in Estonia, which I can do remotely, but it has been very seasonal. In Estonia, I founded the Facebook group the Alliance against Democrat Establishment Hypocrisy, dedicated solely to calling out the hypocrisy of establishment Democrats, which continues to be one of the most active progressive groups on social media. I left the US largely because I don’t feel I can afford to live here, but last December, after living in Estonia for two and a half years, I returned to my home base in Santa Cruz, California because I knew Bernie would soon be announcing his candidacy and running a Facebook group wasn't enough. Giving up my apartment, healthcare and everything else was a big sacrifice, but I had be in the US for this fight. As expected, Bernie announced and I got to work.

Being a strong supporter in 2016 wasn’t enough. This time around I am devoting my entire life to electing Bernie, like a monk. There is quite simply nothing more important in the world than getting Bernie elected. With the impending climate catastrophe breathing down our necks, it is a matter of life or death. It keeps me up at night. But even though Bernie has a better chance at winning this time than in 2016, winning will require building a popular grassroots movement behind him and with over 20 candidates currently in the field, the public is very confused—a situation that is exacerbated by corporate media propaganda.

To win, we have to be the media. Each one of us. To this end, I have been acting on a visibility-centered strategy to build public hype around Bernie which involves putting banners on houses, doing Honk and Waves on freeway overpasses, and spending hours tabling on the sidewalk. My hope is that my work inspires others to do what I’m doing, which is why I always post picture of my work on social media and provide advice. The clock is ticking. We cannot wait for there to be hype before we activate. This time, it's on us to build the hype first. This time we will have to fight for every inch. But I’m confident we can win.

I don’t like asking for help, but being a full-time volunteer doesn’t pay for itself and I have to eat. I’ve had to dig into my savings to support this lifestyle. I’m very frugal so I think $20 per day or $600 per month is a reasonable goal. If you like the work I do, please help me help all of us by making sure we elect Bernie in 2020.
$38 of $600 per month
I am very frugal. $20 per day of $600 per month seems like a reasonable amount to cover my basic costs of living (food, gas, etc.).
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