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Benedict Yu is a Taiwanese and Singaporean multi-disciplinary art practitioner that has been supporting his own dream of becoming an artist since 14. Against all odds and the typical Asian mentality, Benedict sees art as the only passion that will live with him forever. He is the only one artist child out of his 200+ members in Taiwan who are all either professors, businessmen, or doctors. Currently he is supporting himself and struggling to survive as an artist in his conscripted military service for 3 years. Even though he is in the army, he still strike to create more astonishing artworks that come from his very real experiences as a soldier. Right now, Benedict explores the facets of Eastern philosophy, psychology, and human behaviour through the lenses of contemporary arts, conversational interaction, technology, and artificial intelligence. 

He constantly shares his experiences and working process on his Instagram as well as Facebook. Many friends and collectors feel that they are part of Benedict's journey to fight through the struggles as an artist and as a soldier. Starting from not knowing any English, being laughed as a dying artist and an odd one of the Asian family, to now able to have his exhibitions and collectors internationally, Benedict has truly came a long way. If you like to see more of his creations and to chat with him personally, you are more than welcome to!
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Surviving as an artist is never easy, but all your support and feedback will truly motivate me and encourage me to work harder.When I have 100 patrons, I will like to show all of you my personal notebooks, the sketches, the drawings, and my thoughts and ideas in digital format. This is only inclusive for the first 100 patrons.
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