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About Mark & Yak Diversity Yoga

Welcome to your monthly Greek-Latin dose. Where Mindfulness meets Design

We are two free souls pursuing joy through our life mission & work.
We believe in a life where there is space for joy, creativity, and political action.

As independent and multidisciplinary creators, we believe in the value of sharing our experiences with a community that identifies us, giving tools to grow, expand and explore life through contentment.

We will create audio and visual material about mindfulness, meditation, yoga, and a healthy lifestyle. We will share our struggles and success, the way we think everyone could create their own life on their own tempo achieving goals & dreams in a healthy space surrounded by inspiration

We believe in inclusivity and community, our focus is to bring together our community.

All the money you donate is going back to our community through creating content to inspire, heal and share with others.

Mark & Yak


Yak_ Multidisciplinary creator,exploring meditation as a tool for social change since 2007, Decolonizing yoga, bringing mindfulness to the LGBTI+ & POC community

Mark_ Graphic designer and illustrator
I love to draw. Whether I am creating visual identities for companies or simply for my own pleasure, I find myself through my art.

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