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Being unable to cope with anxiety?
What is that like? This will vary from person to person as with anything in life.
For me personally, it is overwhelming to a point of complete despair and an inability to move. Your mind considers all aspects of the problem and decides the best course of action is to shut your body down.

Does that sound like a very inefficient way of living? Well imagine that happening 15 days in every month.

As to the reason why a person experiences unmanageable anxiety coupled with the despair and fear, the reasons are numerous. Hopefully we can explore them further throughout this blog.

I am a 30 something yr old male living with anxiety. Most days I struggle to go outside and face the world. I do have my own small business and work in construction as much (or as little) as I can. This supports me just enough to survive but mostly just barely. Please consider becoming my Patron, in return I will post a blog at least twice a week. 

Creativity and a big imagination are some of my stronger points. There are many interesting things that cross my mind on a daily bases that I would like to share with people who understand the amount of stress we are under in this modern age.

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