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About Gaming Loft

Gaming Loft is a Discord community simply built around games as a group. The point of this Patreon account is to collectively gain funds to help buy others games they want.

So, what is this server about?

We're a community full of people who enjoy playing and talking about games; video games, board games, role playing, whatever you’re interested in.

We've got various channels for the base categories of games, those being Shooters, Strategy, Role Playing, Sandbox and Indie Games, we’ve a little bit of everything for everyone.

We also hope to support games and content creators that don't have much of a fan base by giving them a platform for advertisement. Whether you make games, or stream and play them on YouTube or are even making fan art, we want to give you a chance to show your work and content.

Then, what can I do in the server?

A future hope we have is to do various game giveaways to support the entire purpose we have for the server, helping others to play the games we do. Which is part of the purpose of this Patreon account.

Chat with server members - Obviously you can chat with other server members whether it be about your favorite game, tactics or really just whatever you feel like

Participate in server events
- Every month or so we have events based around gaming, for example, we have the Game of the Month.

Game bots and Economy
- We have a variety of bots with different games and an economy system, feel free to play around with the bots.

Write reviews and recommendations - With so many games around, it’s a bit hard to be sure of what games to buy. This is where you can give some valuable input and information to help others pick out their games.

- If you love playing and streaming games, you can promote your streaming channel in #media, the same goes if you're a game creator and want to advertise your game!

Request or create Graphics Design - Need a logo, channel icon, banner or some other graphics content? You could ask a graphics designer to create them for you or could as well help others by creating gfx for them!

Support us! - We’ve set up a Patreon account so that we can aim to improve the server, community and set up those game giveaways

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