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The 2 usd tier is a tip jar tier.  Pledging to this tier allows for access my patreon post to see the full size version of all my public artworks that are posted on pixiv and twitter. 

 $2 チップ プランです。 - ピクシブやツイッターで投稿した画像高解像度+完全版をアンロック 

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 $5 18禁コンテンツ プランです。 - $2プラン限定コンテンツに加えて18禁 コンテンツをアンロック - 毎月の初めにイラストパッケージをメッセージで受け入れ 

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Hello everyone!  It makes me very happy to see you here reading this. 
I am artist name Rou Romario who specializes in creating underwater artworks.
Let me first state that this is a SFW Patreon. The most you will see in explicitness will be suggestive. 

What is Patreon?
Patreon allows for fans to support their favorite artists through crowdfunding.  Its a great way to help the artist continue to produce work in large volumes for free! 

I want to earn your pledge! Please Support Me.
Yes, I want to earn your pledge!  As many of you have noticed, I took a brief leave from art due to financial issues and was only able to comeback thanks to the help of fans.  I haven't done many underwater works as of late but want to change that with this Patreon.  The purpose of this Patreon is to have more time creating water and underwater related theme works monthly for all to see, however I need your help to reach this goal.

Why are you using Patreon?
There simply isn't enough underwater art out there!  When I first came onto the scene I wanted to produce as much of such content as possible without caring about any criticisms that may come from doing such.  It is unfortunate that food and bills got in the way though.  However, through Patreon and with your support, I can continue to create works without much worry for these two things and continue my conquest mwahaha!

What will I put on Patreon?
This is a SFW (Safe for Work) patreon for artwork related to water and underwater settings, themes ,and activities.  Settings will range from classics to exotic such as pools to aquatic ruins.  Themes and activities be anything from light-hearted to darker content such as simply free diving to drowning.  The above will be decided by you the supporter.  This will be done through monthly voting for all patreon's in appropriate pledge tier with confirmed payments of the last month.
Thanks for pledging to my Patreon!  


for all patron, there is announcement you need to know, please do this to get your rewards!

Hello, thank you for becoming my patreon from now on. all announcement, feedback and reward will be posted in discord. below is a steps about how to access my discord and discord channel.

First, Download Discord, and/or Create a Discord account.
Please note that you can use discord without downloading by selecting this option. Still, I recommend to download if can as these instructions are for those who downloaded the app.

and... Log in Patreon, and go to this link.

Please check the Discord connect option, If you succeeded,

Based on your pledge is whether you will see tier 1 or tier 1 and 2 rewards channel. These can be found on my discord page.
This is my discord server
Please do not worry, you do not need to be logged in at all times. I will send a patreon PM when rewards are ready and you can then log into discord to get the reward.

94% complete
Guaranteed one SFW free to share and one NSFW work from me every month
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