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About Weston Bortner

My name is Weston Bortner, and I have been writing stories since I was very young. I have teamed up with a very talented illustrator, Ameshin Rainheart, to bring one of my stories to life and hopefully begin a potential career as a graphic novelist.

"Sherwood: A Strange Meeting" is the first book of the "Sherwood" series, which revolves around a woman with strange powers and her cowardly assistant as they seek out Ghosts stranded in our world, as well as face other dark forces in the shadows of the town of Grovewich. The overall story that I envision will cover many emotional themes, such as isolation, depression, self acceptance, estranged love, and fear, key among them the fear of death. Other themes are the concept of "forbidden knowledge" and the dichotomy of Good and Evil.

It is my hope that, if you are reading this, you will join Ameshin and I in our endeavor to bring light to the story of Sherwood!


"Drake Burton has spent much of his youth trying to prove the existence of ghosts to his curmudgeon father after being attacked by one as a child. Now, many years later, another restless spirit drives him from his new apartment in the dead of night, forcing him to return his parents home, much to his father's chagrin.

But, on his way home from a small errand, he has a strange meeting with a mysterious woman who claims to have the ability to rid the ghost from his home. It seems that Drake has finally struck gold in his quest to find the paranormal. But there are more than just Ghosts lurking in the night. What secrets of paranormal will Drake uncover with his mysterious new ally?"

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