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About The Stickman Chronicles LIVE

The Hottest Facebook LIVE Podcast on the Planet. Join the Stickman Army as we battle tough questions in and around not only the Cigar industry, but every aspect of life. Stickman's passion is for people, real people that get knocked down everyday but get back up and continue to fight and that's what makes this show so unique and outside the box.

The Stickman Chronicles is about a guy that spent several years as a Police Officer and then went to prison. Instead of complaining and making excuses when he got out, he rose from the ashes (no pun intended) after people said..."Your a felon, you'll never succeed in life, you might as well kill yourself" - 8 years later, he's an entrepreneur, an author, Cigar bar owner and now has one of the most successful podcasts on Facebook.

We created this podcast and channel so others can be inspired to live out their dreams, in hopes that whether it's a discussion about how to smoke a great cigar or how screwed up the Criminal Justice System is, the viewer gets honest, real and direct viewpoints. So we hope that you are encouraged and empowered to join our army!

You can join simply by engaging with other Army members, sharing the show, commenting, or even coming on the show yourself and offering your thoughts, comments or questions. If by chance that you feel like contributing to the cause, well we'd love that too. If at anytime you'd like The Stickman Chronicles to appear at your function, shop, venue please don't hesitate to reach out to us!

Here's where you can reach us - [email protected]

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