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About Suki Wandering Hummingbird

Vocalist known as The Wandering Hummingbird due to her hypnotic voice and little stature. Suki leaves audiences mesmerised as she calmly and confidently belts out the most diva worthy songs with ease.A power you wouldn't expect in such a little lady. If you want to know what love sounds like follow The Hummingbird.

Suki has written several albums and is in the process of producing them from home. She plans to start releasing her material summer of 2020.

What will you get if you back Suki?

Suki will post weekly cover videos singing from her studio plus take song requests . You can also watch recordings of her gigs and follow Suki showcasing live in well known areas of London such as Covent Garden and Camden town. Plus all original material will be available here first !

Suki has a unique and beautiful talent that the whole world needs to know about .Will you help this magical,little hummingbird fly ? Any show of support no matter the amount appreciated .

Suki recently went solo so needs a whole new portfolio. New recordings,live streams and package offers to be uploaded here September 2019.

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