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About WikiRecipeClub

The Mission

We are looking for sponsors who share our desire to document & exchange only the best recipes as cookbooks. Our intention is to share a set of thousands of printable recipes on

Hand-selected from our digitized collection of over 500,000 recipes, we will share a selection of the best recipes for a monthly cooking theme. Themes to be published for the year, at

What Patrons Get

Patrons will be able to download the final copy of each PDF Cookbook, every month, from

While only patrons & contest participants will get the PDF Cookbook, everyone can print the individually-formatted recipes for any monthly theme.

About Us ...

The creator of the EzGourmet software, The,, 210 PDF Cookbooks, and over 500 themed electronic recipe collections, we are looking for friends who can help us re-create our community of recipe-collection enthusiasts.

Once weighing in at over 1,500 opt-in subscribers, our daily newsletter was derailed as our free newsletter was limited to 200 messages per day. Through your financial support, we are once again ready to get the community rolling again.

We have the time, the ability, and the successful track record:..

Can you help us, help your recipe collecting efforts?

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