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About john beattie

hi there everyone...i'm john beattie. 

i'm a musician/singer songwriter/producer of 80's synth pop, ambient, retro electro and stuff in between influenced  music where i have various projects to feed your nostalgic cravings.
cover versions of my fave musicians and bands.
reviews on up and coming music that's within my genre.
reviews for products and equipment.
news, reviews and hot gossip
i'm also breaking out from the 80's tech (limited way back then i know) to indulge and be more modern ... however trying to keep both time lines linked with my creativity.

so what am i going to offer you may ask?
music arranged by myself and some guest musicians.
links to my facebook and youtube videos.
my workflow and influences.
lifestyle interviews .
reviews on my influential artists/albums.
reviews on my movie/pop culture interests.

(only available on patreon)
exclusive remixes and demos...
comps and giveaways...
live interviews and mini gigs.

i hope i can build some community and offer valuable content for all my patrons.
constructive feedback and opinions are welcome as they will drive me and the content of this channel forward...
hope to see you guys soon.

John (beatland)

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