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Hey guys! We are a small team of 4 people:
  • Vitaly is an artist and animator on characters and soft elements of the game.
  •  Artyom is an environmental artist, an interface artist.
  • Dima and Oleg are involved in programming our game. 

We are developing our first game FLUERGUY. It is HTML game. You can play it in the browser.

A little about the game. We are a young and energetic guy who takes a job at a pizzeria. You are a promoter. You have to develop leaflets to different people in order to entice as many people as possible into your pizzeria, but it is not as easy to do as it seems, there are a lot of people, leaflets are limited and working time flies by in minutes. Good work will be awarded, but this city and this work keeps its dark secrets and secrets, this business has a dark side, and what it is ... you will learn this and much more on my page Parteon.
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My undying gratitude ! Seriously, even a dollar is so appreciated !

Your support strengthens our spirit, it helps us move forward knowing that everything is not in vain.

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When I reach 500 patrons , it will mean that a lot of people follow and support our work, thanks to this we will be able to put our ideas into life 2 times faster.
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